Are there licensure or certification requirements as a locksmith?

Due to the fact that locksmiths handle access to other people’s homes and sensitive information together with high-security areas, clients and employers should be able to trust that they are reliable and qualified to handle their work. Most states require locksmiths to be able to obtain a license in order to practice in their field, even if it is just to handle house lockout.

In some states, you will only need to pass a criminal history background check to get the job of a locksmith. While in others, you have to complete a course from an approved college and pass an examination for licensing. There is some jurisdiction that requires that as a locksmith apprentice, you obtain a license of practice, there is a need to have certification to show the clients that, you have met the highest standards for experience and training.
To get an apprentice license, you might be required to pass a criminal history background check. There are no licensing examinations that you will be required to pass at this instant, but as an apprentice applicant, you have to show your employer that you are a licensed locksmith.
Apart from your licensing, you can pursue some voluntary certification. There are certifications offered by recognized government bodies at various levels of expertise. With additional experience and training, locksmiths can become professional locksmiths and licensed certified master locksmiths.
To become a locksmith who is licensed and certified, you have to pass an exam that measures knowledge in about 10 categories which are mandatory. The ten include cylinder servicing, codes and code equipment, key blank identification, key compression, key duplication, lockset functions, professional lock opening techniques, lockset servicing where thecar lockout falls, cabinet furniture and basic master keying, furniture, and mailbox locks. You will also be required to pass other exams in 2 of the 26 available elective categories.

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