Immigration to the New Brunswick province of Canada

Many of the business people are seeking canada immigration from dubai to find a new environment for their business and to invest in the businesses of a growing economy. If you are one of those businessmen looking for relocation to Canada, you can use any of the business immigration programs suitable for you and the business. Most of the business programs are general while some are specific to a single province. If you choose to invest in a specific province, you should follow the guidelines of their government. The streams and requirements of the entrepreneurial journey in the New Brunswick province is explained in this article.

Business streams in New Brunswick
New Brunswick is a beautiful option for a new business in Canada because of its environmental beauty. The availability of an efficient workforce along with powerful network connectivity makes it a sweet spot for business ventures. The two opportunities for business investment in New Brunswick are the Entrepreneurial stream and the Post-graduate Entrepreneurial Stream.
Entrepreneurial Stream
If you wish to become a permanent resident of Canada by owning a business, this stream is the right option for you. You can either be a business owner or a managerial worker. Some of the requirements for the stream are listed below.
You must have at least 33.33% of the ownership of the business
Your business should contribute to the economy of the province
You should either continue an operating business inside the province or start a new one
You should invest a minimum of $250000 CAD
Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream
• Your age should be anything between 22 and 40
• Your language proficiency should be CLB 7 or more in either English or French
• You must have owned a business for at least 1 year in the province
• You should have a valid post-graduate work permit
• You should be able to settle in the province

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