Most Usual Requirements To Present When Renting A Luxury Car

Planning to rent a vehicle from one of the rent luxury car dubai company, if so, you have to know that it is not easy to rent one and there are requirements you need to present before a car will be released and become available to hire. The requirements differ from a tourist and a resident, but needless to say, all these requirements must be presented to ensure that you can get the car for rent without issues.

Information You Need To Provide When Renting A Vehicle
Below are few of the most usual requirements you need to present for residents
• Copy of the driver’s passport
• Valid and legitimate UAE driver’s license
• Copy of the driver’s residential visa
• Copy of emirates
The above requirements are required, but needless to say, some companies may require more than those stated above.
On the other hand, below are requirements for renting vehicle for tourists:
• Passport
• Visit visa
• The driving license where you are originally located
• International driving permit
Most of the time if not all the time, requirements for tourists are stricter considering that the company will be liable not only for their vehicles but for the drivers as well.
All information you provide must be legitimate and valid, or else you will not get the chance of getting your dream car from a luxury car rental Dubai. You would not want to get in trouble just because you presented wrong information.
The car you are renting is most of the time luxury cars in UAE, hence the company has all the rights to become strict when choosing the people they will allow to rent their vehicles. Prepare everything beforehand so transaction is smooth and easy.

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