Knowing about productivity tools in educational technology

As a teacher who is into educational technology tools, you have to be proficient on how to use them. As a teacher, you need to process all types of data. Productivity tools such as spreadsheet, word processor, presentation and data base software are readily available on all computers. They are the tools which most teachers use in learning and teaching tasks. And it is true to say that a majority of computer users know little about these tools.

Some teachers consider themselves to be competent in the tools, but is it true? As a teacher, you might think that you know how to use a word processor, but in a real sense, you don’t. You could be learning how to type and bold the text, but when it comes to mail merger, you don’t know how to use it.
Things like incorporating pictures in text, using indent markers, creating text columns, using tables, might be things that you don’t know at all. They are not advanced word processer, and you need to know them. A modern wordprocessor is a tool of multimedia. If as a teacher, you utilize it skillfully, it can make it possible for you to create so many visually attractive content for learning.
As a teacher, you have to know the way to capture numeric data using a spreadsheet, using formulas to be able to manipulate the data in the spreadsheet, and combining and displaying the same data in graphs and charts.
Every teacher has to know how to make a presentation using software such as PowerPoint. Not because the presentation tool is capable of making slide shows that are great for use by teachers, but because the slideshows will be marvellous for the students’ learning experience. Teaching is all about helping students to learn.

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