The yew is the perfect sport to spend time with the family and more with the shuffleboard tables game tables

The practice of this sport, which is very popular and amuses the whole family, is called yew. This is considered a national sport in the coastal region, it consists of throwing a metal disc on a court made of clay approximately 18 meters long.

The main idea of this game, in addition to being the way victory is achieved, is that when launching the yew it enters a horn which is a metal circle, where the powder fuses are located. The game that wins the most points during the game wins, the points are measured with the number of mecha that explode.
The score to win this game is distributed as follows:
Wick (3 points): this means that when the yew hits, the wick and an explosion occurs, the player is credited for the points
Aged (6 points): the action of throwing the yew and it is buried inside the horn and with the upper base towards the board, it guarantees six (6) points to the player
Moñona (9 points): The yew falls into the horn causing a hooting and in turn, the wick explodes Which makes the player have a perfect shot and therefore get the highest score.
This game has become so popular that it has crossed borders, and in Gaming tables, Game On it has been decided to take the initiative to dedicate a space to the practice of this beautiful sport. It is known that not all of them have patios for their practice, so the article will focus on the game tables known as gaming tables.
These gaming tables facilitate the practice of the Yew inside the home, one of the most common on the market are the Shuffleboards. These have measures of nine (9) feet long that manage to perfectly imitate the real playing field.
These tables can be placed inside the home or on a small terrace if you want to play outdoors, the idea is that you feel comfortable playing. In addition to being made of light material such as wood veneer, which allows the easy transfer of the shuffleboard tables, to the game destination.
They also have a storage compartment where you can store the game discs that are included with the table, which are eight (8). The Shuffleboards are spectacular for practicing this wonderful game; they have fine finishes that allow them to fit inside the home easily.
The Shuffleboard tables come equipped with everything you need to make a fun game of yew, without any problem. Before you start, you should polish the surface of the table, with the special wax that includes it, to give it the smooth finish that the disc requires for sliding.
Recorded on the table, the score limits are found, in case you are playing in a closed area and you cannot activate the typical yew lighters. In this way, the score will be taken for the longest shots that occur in the game.
With Shuffleboard tables, fun is guaranteed; just invite friends and family for an exceptional yew game. Make sure you have everything ready for when the guests arrive and start showing off your new Shuffleboard in front of them, to be the envy of many with this wonderful acquisition.

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